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HEAL Network Inc an Education and Empowerment Network

About Us

 Performing, Creative, Visual Arts & Youth Organization

Helping-Empowering & Advancing -Lives = ”HEAL” we do this with Education, Empowerment, and Entertainment programs.##.

We provide on-site Academic and crisis intervention programs that work within the community and in the Public School System to help young people to “accomplish” their goals, and succeed. We help build self -esteem & interpersonal skills.

HEAL dedicates and contributes every and resource possible to achieve these goals. Our primary focus is to serve and protect underprivileged, disadvantaged youths ages 4-21 of color, and in underserved communities to help them achieve and succeed!##

We achieve these goals by educating, Entertaining, and Empowering our youth. Our program Curriculum in Performing and Creative Arts Workshops. Years of research show that Art programs are closely linked to almost everything that we as a nation say we want for our children and demand from our schools: academic achievement, social and emotional development, civic engagement, and equitable opportunity.


HEAL Network has a Local Cable TV show that airs weekly all the positive, fun, and Art events that take place at HEAL schools and our Action in the community.


The members of our organization have dedicated their lives to healing broken spirits and broken communities which in return we believe can repair society. HEAL mentor-ship program provides young people with the following:

1. Mentors-Great people for Great Causes

2. Internships within the- television/film industry, corporate businesses, stores, music industry, fashion industry, etc. HEAL has a local cable television show called the HEAL Network where all performances where be displayed, and television worthy content…

3. HEAL helps young people to prepare for summer youth employment while interning

4. HEAL helps young people to obtain marketable employment skills by attending workshops that will prepare

5. HEAL helps young people to improve their education by receiving a mentor-ship with a College student, Teacher, Principal, or Professor, etc…

6. Young people will engage in group and individual counseling to address issues they deem important especially issues relating to anti-gun and anti-gang violence.

7. Young people will go on “field trips” to museums, free concerts, tours, Chuck E Cheese, Dave & Busters, aquariums, & many other events.For example: a young person may need a library card and need assistance in obtaining their library card and he/she will be escorted to Grand Army Plaza Library or receive information on obtaining a library card.

8. Young people will also receive on-site creative workshops addressing issues relating to HIV& safe sex awareness, using media & music, ex. “creating their own songs, music video, Public Service Announcements, or Art Work “

9. Young people will also receive interactive workshops addressing career counseling and job interviewing skills. The Do’s and Do not’s of job interviewing.

10. Homework Help and Tutoring

11. Daily Basic Health and Hygiene Help

12. Daily Physical educational programs

13. Smoking prevention and cessation programs

14. Anti-violence workshops HEAL is a mentor-ship and crisis intervention program that can be facilitated at public schools and HEAL will be able to provide on-site services to address the ongoing needs of children enrolled.

HEAL is very connected to the “community” and has positive relationships with various companies and organizations which will provide access to speakers for workshops in career counseling, Health/HIV awareness, anti-gun violence, anti-gang violence, and educational information about high schools and colleges. HEAL will work diligently with Principals, teachers, guidance counselors, and parents to assist young people in achieving their goals. 

If you are an educator or offer any mentioned services that can benefit children and willing to dedicate a few hours out of your life to help please contact.

We Love and Appreciate our volunteers we screen thru FBI databank for volunteers, and employees working for HEAL


Minor infractions are not held against applicants Aleah Holland RN

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Aleah Holland RN Founder of HEAL Network Inc. 


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